I’m Travis, an independent web designer and front-end developer based in Brooklyn, NYC.

For over a dozen years, I’ve been helping businesses make money, improve their image and solve other business problems utilizing strategic, customer-focused design and development services.

I know that whatever your customers interact with online should be fast, look great and be as simple to use as possible.

I’m not some ego-driven “hero” designer that will swoop down with blessings from on high and transform your site or web application into what I think it should look or how I think it should work. It’s not about me nor about you. It’s about what we do together to engage and delight your audience.

Design, and design thinking is how we navigate modern business problems and connect to appropriate solutions. In other words, it’s how we make more money!

Whether you need to rethink your online marketing strategy, rework an underperforming site or even if you’re not sure where to start, get in touch!