Agenda Builder

The agenda builder is targeted at the busy conference attendee who doesn’t want to miss what’s important to them.

The app allows you to view the description of and choose your sessions for all the days of your conference with a simple tap. Once you are done, you can import your newly created agenda into a calendar program of your choice in addition to receiving it via email.

Agenda Builder on laptop


I worked with the team at Online-Reg to take the existing legacy product and not only improve the user interface, but make application work on a wide range of devices as more and more conference attendees expect this.

I started the work by carefully analyzing how the interactions worked, how it was put together on the back end (this is written in PHP using the Codeigniter framework) and making a prioritized plan of what I thought would bring the most value in the shortest time as we only had three weeks to complete the work.

I created some medium-fidelity wireframes in Photoshop and sent them off for approval by the client. The interactions by the end user didn’t change all too much so a clickable prototype wasn’t needed.

In the end, the agenda builder not only looks more modern, but is more mobile friendly and sure to be an asset to my client for years to come.

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